Sigma Dry’n Shape Tower Review

Sigma Dry’n Shape Tower Review

Sigma Dry’n Shape Tower is Sigma’s latest beauty gadget. This makeup brush gadget dries and shapes the densest brushes quickly and efficiently by removing water from the bristles while exclusive, patent-pending SigmaSnap™ technology holds each brush in place.

Sigma Dry'n Shape

This Dry’n Shape Tower comes in three different sizes, ranging from $39 to $69:

  • Dry’n Shape Tower® Eyes ($39) – Holds up to 48 eye brushes
  • Dry’n Shape Tower® Face and Eyes ($49) – Holds up to 24 eye brushes and 20 face brushes
  • Dry’n Shape Tower® Full Set ($69) – Two towers hold up to 68 brushes when combined, or 92 brushes when side-by-side

The Sigma Dry’n Shape Tower is available on You can take 10% off your order and get free shipping and a free gift with the Sigma coupons and deals.

Sigma Dry'n Shape Tower

Sigma Dry'n Shape Tower Review

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Sigma's Dry'N Shape Tower is a convenient tool that can be used to dry makeup brushes quickly while maintaining their shape and integrity. If you are feeling lazy, you can just leave the brushes in the tower and use it as a brush holder. The Dry'n Shape Tower is a makeup brush dryer, holder, and shaper all in one. It beats the individual brush shapers and defeats its precedent Dry'n Shape. The range of prices allows for individual tailoring, which is especially useful during the holidays.
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