Ray-Ban sunglasses: how to spot fakes

Ray-Ban sunglasses: how to spot fakes

The website prettyrb.com (update: now inactive) is an online sunglasses store that boasts the Ray-Ban: genuine since 1937 logo on their storefront. More recently, the website has been advertising Ray-Ban sunglasses on Facebook for the holiday season. We have been getting a lot of questions on the legitimacy of the product this website sells. At less than $20 a pair, people are rushing to buy their holiday gifts without checking the trustworthiness of the sellers!

prettyrb.com scam

prettyrb.com low prices hint at knock-off Ray Bans

We cannot recommend that you purchase from this retailer. The website makes no such disclosure, but the website is based in China, not the United States. While that does not necessarily make the products dupes or knockoffs (China hosts many legitimate Ray Ban resellers), it does bring to question the honesty of the business. For Ray-Ban deals, check your local stores and outlets. Groupon currently has legitimate ones selling at $49.99, which is at least half off the original price.

We ask that readers give us feedback if they have purchased from unknown online retailers before. At this point, we can only assume that this website sells Ray Ban knockoffs. Even at that, we do not know how reliable the product or shipping is.

Be careful with your credit card information this holiday season and stay safe.

We cannot confirm the authenticity of the Ray-Ban sunglasses being sold on prettyrb.com, but their is no evidence of trustworthiness. The website is new, without history of purchases or reviews from buyers. The website does not disclose the truth about the location of the business.
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