JewelMint Tailor Made Earrings (or scissors in my ears)

JewelMint Tailor Made Earrings (or scissors in my ears)

Another month, another JewelMint purchase. As my JewelMint boxes are piling high, I am trying to reduce it to just one pick a month. I think I made the perfect choice with my August pick. I almost skipped these earrings because they looked so normal at first glance. When I saw it on the model, I knew I had to get it. This set comes with four pairs of earrings and look great on my double piercings. These have definitely become a part of my jewelry staple.

JewelMint Tailor Made Earrings
The scissors are my favorite earrings!

As we’re on the subject the Mint family: I really, really like the StyleMint shirt I ordered last month. Really. It’s surprising, but it actually looks so good on and was so flattering that I took the chance and ordered another t-shirt from them. I got the “No is a full sentence” shirt, but it was quite meh. The August selection does not look great either. I guess the StyleMint Melrose tee was a one hit wonder kind of thing.

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