Handmade Reviews Beauty Blog Awards

Handmade Reviews Beauty Blog Awards

12/20/11 Update:
The winner of the 2011 Beauty Blog Awards has been announced: 2011 Beauty Blog Awards Announcement. Follow future updates on Twitter with hashtag: #HRbbawards

The beauty blogging community has grown to become quite large over the years. It can be very daunting starting out. I received a lot of support from the community when I started blogging. I think it’s good to give back a little and provide some incentive for new bloggers. Thus I’ve started the Handmade Reviews Beauty Blog Awards, an award competition for new blogs.

Every year, one new beauty blogger is elected to receive the Handmade Reviews Beauty Blogger Awards. The winner will receive a large package of beauty-related prizes, including makeup, skincare products, gift sets, etc. The idea is that the winner will have new beauty products to try and to review. Prizes vary every year, depending on budget and sponsors. Blogs are nominated and voted on by readers. There will also be potential runner ups and honorable mentions. Badges and featured link placement on Handmade Reviews will be awarded to winners and those shortlisted.

Active beauty-related blog that is updated at least twice a week.
Blog must be (approximately) between 3-15 months old. This leaves some time for development, but not enough time for a blog to be too well established.

Nominations run for two months and end right before voting begins. Winners are normally announced in December. You can nominate your favorite blog or your own blog. All nominations will be taken into consideration and discussed among the various judges and bloggers.

A portion of the nominees are selected based on nominations and various criteria. The blogs will then be announced and put up for voting. Every person can vote once. Did I mention that three voters are randomly selected to win a prize?

When you participate, you:

  • are joining a function that supports new bloggers
  • can win over $500 in prizes
  • gain more exposure for your website (nominees are linked and featured)
  • have fun!

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