To earmuffs or not to earmuffs?

To earmuffs or not to earmuffs?

My lovely earmuffs broke a few days ago. I’m pretty upset; I wasn’t expecting them to go any time soon. I haven’t decided whether I should buy new earmuffs or invest in a really good hat. Hats never keep my (rather large) ears warm, but I’ve been dorking around earmuffs alone for quite some time now. Is it time for an upgrade to a sturdy hat? Not easy since I have been eying these UGG Stripe Cable Earmuffs from ASOS:




I’d prefer the baby pink multi (right) or ivory multi, but the brown multi one is marked down from £50.00 to £30.50 so I may have to settle. I’d like to justify this purchase by categorizing muffs as an essential to my winter wardrobe. Essential, right?Oh, I’ve received a new camera (yay!) so expect decent pictures of things in the future. 🙂

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